Visit Novi Sad- Serbia

To most foreigners, Serbia’s second city of Novi Sad is synonymous with one thing and one thing only, the annual Exit Festival. While Exit is undoubtedly one of Europe’s foremost music events – both in terms of the level and diversity of the artists it attracts, as well as its truly unique venue at Petrovaradin Fortress – the city and surrounding area have more to offer than arguably anywhere else in Serbia or even the wider region. Novi Sad’s position at one of the continent’s true crossroads and history as a multinational commercial and transit centre has left it endowed with historical and cultural sights that even much larger cities have difficulty matching…Click on ALL PHOTOS photos for higher resolution!Novi Sad…Novi Sad…Novi Sad…Novi Sad…Novi Sad…Novi Sad…Novi Sad is sometimes referred to as “Serbian Athens”, representing the golden era of its cultural development. An interesting fact is that, among other famous people, Albert Einstein and his wife Mileva Marić lived in Novi Sad for two years, and their house is still standing. …..Novi Sad…Novi Sad…Novi Sad…The Danube and the Petrovaradin Fortress from the 17th century are most significant tourist features of Novi Sad. Each year, the growing number of Danube cruising ships with tourists from all over the world visit the city port, so that the guest could enjoy the nice ambiance and hospitality of the locals. The fortress, sometimes referred to as the “Danube Gibraltar”, is today a cultural-historical monument, whose walls are hosting the City Museum, Academy of Art, observatory and Archives. For years, this is also where the EXIT music festival is organized every July, which has been once elected best in Europe. ….   The Petrovaradin fortress ..,-5.59,80.0  …...Novi Sad…Novi Sad….Novi Sad…Novi Sad-the Serbian Orthodox Church…Novi Sad…Novi Sad…Novi Sad…Novi Sad, the city on the Danube – second biggest river in Europe, is one of the most significant cultural centres in Serbia…Novi Sad….Novi Sad…Novi Sad…

Novi Sad je 1. februar 1748. godine stekao status ‘ ‘ Slobodnog kraljevskog grada ‘ ‘ u Habsburškoj monarhiji.Kada je carica Marija Terezija 1. februara 1748. godine potpisala Povelju slobodnog kraljevskog grada , Novi Sad je dobio autonomiju visokog stepena u okviru tadašnje Monarhije.Dotadašnje selo koje se zvalo Petrovaradinski šanac , jer je nastalo ispod Petrovaradnske tvrđave i samog mesta Petrovaradin , dobilo je i ime na četiri jezika : Ujvidek na mađarskom , Nojzac ( Neusatz ) na nemačkom , Neoplanta na latinskom i Novi Sad na srpskom jeziku .Građani Novog Sada su zapravo otkupili status Slobodnog kraljevskog grada tako što su za Povelju uplatili tadašnjih 80.000 rajnskih forinti . Novac su prikupili najbogatiji žitelji petrovaradinskog šanca ….Neko kaže da je Vojvodina ušla u sastav Srbije 1918. godine, iako Vojvodina tada nije ni postojala. Te 1918. godine je Srbiji priključen deo Austrougarske – Baranja, Bačka, pa se tamo nabraja, ali ne i Srem, koji je kao Krajina imao svoju skupštinu u Rumi. Znači, nema Vojvodine 1918. godine, jer ju je, kao pojam,Ugarska ukinula 1868. godine.Ne postoji istorijska posebnost APV-a da bi imala autonomiju, federalnu jedinicu ili državu na osnovu toga.Ne postoji kulturni, jezički ili verski elementi kao osnov za status autonomije, federalne jedinice ili nezavisne države. ….Fruska Gora:Monastery Novo Hopovo-Novi Sad…In 50 km long and 10 m wide area on Fruska Gora Mountain there are sixteen Serbian Orthodox monasteries, most of which are still active and inhabited. This unique cultural and historical area was determined as a cultural area of extreme significance for the Republic of Serbia in 1990 and it has been proposed to be included in the UNESCO world heritage list….Interior of the church, some paintings are original from when the church was built.Fruska Gora Krusedol Monastery-Novi Sad, Serbia…Taking place at The Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia, Exit has one of the best settings of any in the world, and the award winning festival has plenty of trophies to prove it. Winner of ‘Best Major European Festival’ at The European Festival Awards five years in a row, Exit Festival is proudly humanitarian, non-profit and above all, a fantastic party…. Park:the prettiest and most popular public park in Novi Sad, which features more than 250 plant species, is located in the very city center and covers more than 33,000 square meters. The park is under the protection of Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia…..Novi Sad…

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