Welcome to the Republic of Srpska


Republic of Srpska is one of the newest and the most exciting tourist destinations in Southeast Europe. There are a lot of interesting destinations in Republic of Srpska for all different sorts of tourists. The most interesting and the most attractive places in Republic of Srpska are marvelous mixture of cultural and natural inheritance. Geographical location, extraordinary natural beauties, cultural-historical values and favorable climatic conditions on the area of Republic of Srpska, give the additionally value of creation of specific tourist product and tourist offer….

Banja Luka, the beautiful capital of Republika Srpska entity.This elegant and tidy city has no oriental elements in its temperament and appearance: even today it preserves the ideal of Tisa Milosavljević from Niš/Serbia/, a general and the first governor of the Vrbas region, who built its most valuable edifices and symbols in only four years.The oldest cultural monument is Kastel castle from the Roman time.Spiritual life in Banja Luka has always been very rich; Church of Christ the Saviour, Church of the Holy Trinity and Cathedral of Saint Bonaventure are in the centre of the town. Near the centre, on the rolling green hills of the region, excellent terrains and hiking tracks for true adventurers have been developed. Rafting, hydrospeed, canoe, kayak, canyoning, paragliding, parachuting, free climbing, speleology, mountain climbing… there’s no end to the activities here. …Vrbas boat is called “Dayak”, a specific boat for the Vrbas river and the city of Banja Luka, as well as the gondola to Venice.Dayak boat is seven meters long and, to make it as easy as possible, is made of the high quality quercus oakdeal and regular rings. The most impressive details are the rudder and tip, which are made of one piece of wood…

Andrićgrad is a tourist, cultural, administrative and educational complex. It is situated between the rivers Drina and Rzav in Višegrad. Andrićgrad is a project of a famous film director Emir Kusturica. The stone town is inspired by the literary works and characters of Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić.The most famous part of Višegrad is the bridge on the Drina, that is inscribed in 2007 to the UNESCO World Heritage List as the bridge with big cultural impact…

Trebinje is the most southern city in Republic of Srpska. It lies on the river of Trebišnjica, in Trebinjsko Field beneath Mountain Leotar at 270 m above sea level. Numerous archeology findings and historical monuments are a testimony of civilizations and nations who had lived there: from Illyrs, old Greeks and Romans to the Slavs….

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