Islam has been at war with the world for 1,400 years!

kicer-1132x670A prominent Hungarian intellectual György Konrád:After Nazism and communism, Islam is the biggest threat to humanity… Islam is far more than a religion.Islamic scholars agree that Sharia (Islamic law) embraces the law, the state, religion and politics. In fact, Islam is not a religion in any Western sense of the word. It is a complete ideological system. Islam has military, political, legal, economic, social, and religious components. Islam primarily is a political and military doctrine, dedicated to world conquest that wears the cloak of religion. The religious cloak is the cover and the Trojan horse it uses to infiltrate the cultures, nations and civilizations it seeks to destroy and replace with Islamic totalitarianism…

At least 75% of the Sira (life of Mohammed) is about jihad. About 67% of the Koran written in Mecca is about the unbelievers, or politics. Of the Koran of Medina, 51% is devoted to the unbelievers. About 20% of Bukhari’s Hadith is about jihad and politics. Religion is the smallest part of Islamic foundational texts… It is a political system that uses a deity to advance its agenda of global conquest. It is a totalitarian ideology that is anti-human, anti-civilization and essentially the same as Nazism, Fascism or Communism…

An ideology that wants to radically change the existing nature of a state into a theocracy to be dominated by one religious worldview.An ideology that wants to change the structure of a diverse civil society into a society to be dominated by one religious worldview.An ideology that wants the daily life and the behavior of each individual to be dominated by one religious worldview is a totalitarian ideology, as was the Communist ideology inspired by the political philosophy of Marx and Engels….

Totalitarianism is a political doctrine that seeks to control all aspects of a society, its economy, its laws and government, its culture.Islam is a totalitarian political system that demands total submission to Isalm and the Sharia by all citizens…Look at almost all the countries in the world where Islam is dominant – you see a total lack of civil society, of rule of law, of freedom for journalists, women, Christians, or even somebody who wants to leave Islam, an apostate.There is not a single example of successful implementation of an Islamic society anywhere in the world and at any time for the last 1400 years…The history of Islam starts with Mohammed’s emigration from Mecca to Medina. From that point on, Islam has always offered the world the dualistic option of joining a glorious religion or being the subject of political pressure and violence. After the emigration to Medina, Islam became violent when persuasion failed. Jihad entered the world.This was written by Bill Warner of “Center for the Study of Political Islam”:..“ Approximately 270 million /see endnote/ nonbelievers died over the last 1400 years in the Jihad of Islam.”….

Islam commands muslims to kill non-muslims.To understand whether violence is inherent in the doctrine of Islam, it is important to look at the example of the founding father of Islam, Mohammed, and the passages in the Quran and Islamic jurisprudence used to justify the violence we currently see in so many parts of the muslim world.Anyone seeking support for armed jihad in the name of Allah will find ample support in the passages in the Quran and Hadith that relate to Mohammed’s Medina period. For example, Q4:95 states, “Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home).” Q8:60 advises muslims “to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know.” Finally, Q9:29 instructs muslims: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”…

As for the example of Mohammed, Sahih muslim, one of the six major authoritative Hadith collections, claims the Prophet Mohammed undertook no fewer than 19 military expeditions, personally fighting in eight of them. In the aftermath of the 627 Battle of the Trench, “Mohammed felt free to deal harshly with the Banu Qurayza, executing their men and selling their women and children into slavery,” according to Yale Professor of Religious Studies Gerhard Bowering in his book Islamic Political Thought. ..The Quran requires all muslims to wage jihad (holy war) against infidels (non-muslims). Jihad calls for multiple stages and platforms—violent and pre-violent…“Kill them [unbelievers] wherever you find them…And fight them until there is no more unbelief and worship is for Allah alone” (Quran -2:191-193)…“Strike off their heads and strike from them every fingertip” (Quran- 8:12)…“We the non-muslims sworn enemies of muslims and Islam.” (Quran-4;101)….“ We the non-muslims cannot be friends with muslims.” (Quran-5;51)…“Muslims must fight (jihad) to non-muslims, even if they don’t want to.” (Quran-2;216)…“Kill all muslims who leave Islam.”(Quran-2;217/4;89/Bukhari.9;84-57)…“Believers must fight for Allah. They must kill and be killed. Allah will reward them for it.”(Quran-9:111)…“Fight the disbelievers and hypocrites. Be harsh with them. They are all going to hell anyway.”(Quran-9:73)…“Don’t make friends with your disbelieving family members. Those who do so are wrong-doers.”(Quran-9:23)…“Slay the idolaters wherever you find them.”(Quran-9:5)… The Quran contains over 100 passages that call Muslims to take up arms against unbelievers in the name of Allah.When muslim terrorists take up the call to arms in the name of Allah, they are fulfilling the Quran…

And if we are to defeat the ideology we cannot focus only on violent extremism. We need to confront the nonviolent preaching of sharia and martyrdom that precedes all acts of jihad.We will not win against the Medina ideology by stopping the suicide bomber just before he detonates himself, wherever he may be; another will soon take his (or her) place. We will not win by stamping out the Islamic State or al Qaeda or Boko Haram or al-Shabab or Hamas; a new radical group will just pop up somewhere else. We will win only if we engage with the ideology of Islamist extremism, and counter the message of death, intolerance, and the pursuit of the afterlife with our own far preferable message of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….

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2 Responses to Islam has been at war with the world for 1,400 years!

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  2. Jackie2015 says:

    Islam is a devil infested militant force. And if we have to believe Albert Pike a prominent 33rd degree freemason the illuminati will use satanic islam for their own wicked purposes.
    He wrote Morals and Dogma. It also seems that catholicism has created islam. Their false
    doctrines have many simliarities including sun worship and using beads with their
    reptitive “prayer”

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