The Islamization of Western-Europe

Islam is not the peace loving ideology we have all been told. It’s a geopolitical force of ideology, that has a history of conquest, subjection, genocide, and slavery. Read the history of Muhammad, in the Sira, and Hadith, there was an awful lot of conquest, and subjection of non Muslims to torture, slavery, and genocide…Islam is never satisfied to be one religion among many. It has to be supreme; the one and only. “the (only) religion (acceptable) before God is Islam.” Surah 3:19 Within Islam, freedom of religion is never an option. Allah says, “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him.” Surah 3: 85…The Islamic ideology does not seek cooperation or assimilation but aims for submission and dominance over non-Muslims. There is no moderate Islam, there will never be a moderate Islam. There might be moderate people who call themselves Muslim, but there is no moderate Islam. …

Oriana Fallaci found that ‘Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam.’ …On August 30, 2010, as he was folding his tent near the Vatican, on his last visit to Rome, Italy, then Libya’s leader Colonel Muammar Kaddafi, forewarned: “Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration; it could turn into Africa. There is a dangerous level of immigration from Africa into Europe, and we don’t know what will happen. What will be the reaction of the white Christian Europeans to this mass of hungry, uneducated Africans? We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and cohesive continent or if it will be destroyed by this barbarian invasion.”…

Welcome to England /Manchester…Islam came to Western Europe just a few decades ago. Until the end of the 1940s, there were very few Muslims…As a result of mass migrations from developing countries, the level of ethnic and denominational fragmentation of the population of those European states that were quite homogeneous a few decades ago is constantly increasing. It is fundamentally important that, unlike in past years, a significant part of Muslim migrants and their descendants now do not show a desire to integrate into a new environment for themselves.Muslim areas and suburbs appeared in Paris, Berlin, London and many other major European cities…Welcome to Paris…


France…..Welcome to Germany…

Culture Clash: Moroccan and Turkish muslim populations in the Netherlands…Our tolerance is used as an argument to bring in more Islam, to bring in more Muslims, and a way to tell us that we should not criticize their Islamic culture, if you do you are labeled intolerant and racist.

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6 Responses to The Islamization of Western-Europe

  1. Unsafe, uncertain, rude, unpredictable, unreliable, unacceptable future. That is what awaits us.

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  2. The page 34718 and 34722 not found, error.

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  3. Jackie2015 says:

    Intolerant racist! How about tolerance is a coverup for indifference.
    Because if it wasn’t Western Europe would not have been in the shape it is in.
    Islamists are not only unpredictable but they are destructive, violent and blood thirsty as well.


  4. I wish more people would wake up to this very sad, very harsh reality. But instead, everyone wants to accept that they are good, loving people, and that Islam is a religion of peace. WAKE UP!!!!!! NOT SO!!!!! Islam is not a peaceful religion, and Muslims ARE NOT kind, benevolent, tolerant people.

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