Serbian monastery Ostrog-Montenegro

12719300_186245015077915_5505786992200934241_oNestled within a dramatic rock face, is where one finds Montenegro’s possibly most hidden, yet most magical site.Built in 1665, little is known about the Ostrog Monastery, only that it is one of the three most visited Christian destinations in the world, with more than a hundred thousand pilgrims travelling to it every year, making this a significant religious world symbol.Located near the village of Bogetići, and 50km from the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica, this Orthodox monastery is tucked very neatly into a vertical cliff, high up the Ostroška Greda rock. Its seemingly precarious position is awe-inspiring, and certainly plays tricks on the eyes – it is only on second glance, and on spotting its white exterior, that one realises it is not indeed part of the geology of the rock itself….

Turkish rule lasted 4-5 centuries and this proved to be the longest period of enslavement in Serbian history. The problem was deepened by the fact that the culprit, i.e. the aggressor, was of a different faith. Many a Serb is still experiencing this slavery, and for some (those that were converted to Islam) it is never going to end. Serbian Orthodox Church shared the destiny of its people during those times that were marked as “cruel and precarious” and when “the living envied those that were dead”. Serbs had no legal rights whatsoever as subjects of the Islamic Ottoman Empire. They had to pay special duties just for the basic right to live in an Islamic state.Many churches were turned into mosques and some had been torn down, the remaining building material being used to build mosques or public buildings.Only monasteries that survived, apart from the most famous ones founded by members of the Nemanjic dynasty, were those that had originally been built in remote, inaccessible regions….

Islam sees the world as eternally divided into two opposing camps:1.) Dar al-Harb (land of war, ruled by the infidels)…..2.) Dar al-Islam (land of peace, ruled by muslims)…Any country that is not islamic and not ruled by muslims is seen as a land of war.Europe belongs to the Dar al-Harb and MUST be subjugated.THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF ISLAM IS TO DOMINATE AND CONTROL THE WORLD AND TO ESTABLISH THE SHARIA WORLDWIDE…After Nazism and Communism, islam is the third totalitarian ideology that threatens humanity. It is a pernicious and deceitful ideology, which disguises itself perfectly since it is part “religion”.Islam is more than a religion(the religious part of islam is only about 18%), IT IS A COMPLETE CIVILIZATION including politics and laws.IN ISLAM, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE STATE AND THE RELIGION.There is no separation of church (mosque) and state. So, the religion is the state, and the state is the religion, they are one and the same. All laws are already written in the koran and in the sunna. This means: the mosque decides and the imam rules…


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